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About Maltipoos

We are excited to begin sharing our adorable Maltipoos with loving homes.We have Maltipoo Puppies For Sale throughout the year so you can purchase one of our cute maltipoos to be your companion for life.

If you are Looking for a Maltipoo that is healthy, happy, loving, well socialized, vet health checked at 6 weeks of age, wormed at 3,4 & 6 weeks, crate trained, dew claws removed and started potty training, (not potty trained,but have started training) you have come to the right place.

If you looking for a maltipoo or a cockapoo I have provide some information on the differences below. If you think you might want a  cockapoo we also breed Cockapoos our cockapoo web site is

What is the differences in a Maltipoo and Cockapoo?

Maltipoos are non-shedding, are very affectionate, loyal, very playful, love to cuddle and easy to trained they also get along well with dogs and other pets if socialized when young. Maltipoos may be wary of strangers and are highly protective of their family. Maltipoos get along very well with children, but should be supervised around young children to ensure they are treated respectfully.The smaller maltipoos around 6 lbs are usually fragile and I do not recommend them for families with small children,therefore they would be better for families with older children.The larger maltipoos around 8-12 lbs I would recommend them for families that have small children.If you are looking for a lap dog and suffer from allergies you will love a Maltipoo they make wonderful little lap dogs and love to cuddle for hours and will still your heart. They have the cutest little baby face adorable little puppies and a highly intelligent pet. Maltipoos get along very well with children, but should be supervised around young children to ensure they are treated respectfully.

Cockapoos have little to no shedding. Their temperament is loving, they are very intelligent and alert, yet with a sweet nature, they are famous for being wonderfully affectionate pets. Cockapoos have a sturdy build, are eager to please and easy to train, and non-destructive.Cockapoos are idea companion pets they make a wonderful family pet. They are very smart, loyal, mellow, are good with children of all ages and with other dogs and cats. We recommend cockapoos for families that have small children, but should be supervised to ensure they are treated respectfully. Cockapoos adapt well to families, seniors and smaller living spaces. They require no special grooming other than the usually brushing once a week and a little care of the eyes and ears. If unclipped they take on a "Benji" appearance. The adult Cockapoos mature to 10-18 lbs grown depending on the size of the parents.Cockapoos are inside or outside dogs. For people wanting a low to no odor, low shedding, highly intelligent pet that is easy to maintain, train, you will love a cockapoo. A Cockapoo is a good choice for people that has allergies, the ideal dog is a Cockapoo.

We strive to provide all the information you need but we recognize that you may not get the answers to all of the questions you have.  Please browse our website, which is full of information, but if you find you still have questions, please contact us.  We're always available to help - whether you are just beginning your search for a puppy, are ready to choose your new puppy or have already gotten your new puppy home and need some advice.  We're here for you!

In this section you will find the basic information you will need to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.  We have included information on pricing, visiting to see our puppies, our breeding philosophies/procedures and more..... Please browse to get to know us.  We believe that it is important that you feel very comfortable with the breeder you choose to work with.  Please get to know us a little and ask any questions that come to mind for you. . We've discovered that there are many different ways to spell Maltipoo! We've found it written Malte-poo, Malti-poo, Maltepoo, MaltiPoo, Multipoo, Maltapoo, Multapoo, Multi-poo, Maltepoo and of course, Maltipoo, but they are all the same breed.

For more information, take a look at everything our site has to offer on Maltipoo:

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2 Tear Staining
3 Puppy Prices
4 Maltipoo Information
5 Maltipoo Colors
6 Maltipoo Sizes
7 Delivery Options
8 Puppy Supplies
9 Reserving a Puppy
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